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 whites and close species

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MessageSujet: whites and close species   whites and close species EmptyLun 26 Mar 2018 - 20:22

I grow in garden Turitis glabra and every spring are coming butterflies,to lay eggs and drink saft.
Whites have many species. I like to rear nice butterflies.I dont need much, one-twoo is enough.
For me its problem to get few eggs from abroad. I have for exchange only this specie and vanessa atalantis.
For me antikomunistic disidents, we stay very poor is problem to buy few eggs only. I am able to pay small amounts only.I am 77 and My main task is to breed superfoods,for everyboady in EU can plant it in his garden and pick his own fruit, which is most healthy fruit in world.
It belongs to specie actinidia kolomikta, my sort is best, its name is Vitakola, but it need beside to have mail one Adam or anothe mail, which belong to the same specie=kolomikta. Everyboady in EU can buy it now and to plant it, using clematis.pl , plants to order at e-clematis.pl . But busines stay, for people do not imaging, how grewt gemstone they can have in their garden.It need when small to defent against slugs and cats by metal net!Cats are destroying this plant, when it is small.
EU have in its preferences to sponsor in first place everything, what lead to improving peoples health. I fulfil this task, but got from EU nothing, for scientists do not accept this fruit to group of market fruit.This fruit is suiting not for large scale, but very very well for every privat, hobby and publik garden, schools, hospitals, aso.
Lets see, why it is healthy.When we buy kiwi in supermarket, take to laboratory and measure content of vitamin C so it is about 60mg in 100grms of fruit. Oranges about 30. Aples from 5 till 40, depends on sort.
My kiwi Vitakola have content 1520mg in 100grams of fruit, it mean, that 10 grams daily is sufficiebcient.But it is so tasty, that I am eating a lot more. I have been reading book by Dr.Linus Pauling, who have twoo nobel prices, "Vitamin C and health. Nice scientificly-public book.
My sort is far better than elder sorts. But people do not know it and do not buy plants.It is not enough to write about it, to show videos, to speak. They soon forget. It need to lead people to plant, let them to pick soft ripen fruit and to taste it. Than everyboady want to have it also immediately. In France they have not good experience with growing kiwis.It is for they started with specie arguta and this specie need a lot of work with cutting.Now the will import it probably from poland, New zealand and australia, and chile.My specie kolomikta do not need so much of work and cutting.It is fruiting even small in pot.I have it authorized over all world, so it can be sell only with original label, another way is thretning fine in milions.But everyboady can buy plants and to plant it. Licence for EU and few another countries /Russia/ is sold out. /Hard, not ripen fruit is not edible/. Some people are alergic to it as to every food, so they need to eat 10grams or not to eat it.
If you have spare few eggs of some nice butterfly, I will gladly to get it.To send pleas in straw, in púlain letter by chepest way. Letters go fastly and safely. Jan Kola, Tranovsk 392, 73801 Frydek, Czech Republik,EU.
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whites and close species
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